Consulting Actuaries

Who we are

We are experienced consulting actuaries, providing a comprehensive range of pension consulting services  to trustees of small to medium sized defined  benefit pension schemes and their employers.

We have been providing pension consulting services for over 10 years.

From our office in Edinburgh we serve approximately 205 clients throughout the UK. Being in one location ensures consistent practice and sharing of ideas, and allows us to focus on providing a high quality and affordable professional service.

Clear and easy to understand advice

We believe in providing clear and easy to understand advice, highlighting the important issues and helping you make informed decisions.

We understand what it takes to run a pension scheme and the different stakeholders involved in making decisions.

Affordable client-focused service

Our structure enables us to provide an affordable, client-focused service with the flexibility to react quickly to changes in your needs.  You can expect a professional service that provides practical advice and insight into your pension scheme.

We aim to put your needs first and have the experience and agility to develop the best solution for you, giving you time to concentrate on your business.

Our strength lies in the size of our business; small enough to value every client but large enough to support your needs.

Contact us

Got a question or want more information? Please don't hesitate to contact us.